“It is finished.”

The task has ended. Go in pieces.

“The true formula of a/theism is not, ‘I don’t believe’, but ‘I no longer have to rely on the big Other who believes for me’.” (HT: @michaelschertz)

What’s finished is the god-object, the projection of our own image, the object of our desire.

God as an idol is finished; the end of religion and the beginning of faith, but not as we’ve known it before.

For “finished” does not mean “done,” but rather “accomplished” as in “ready for what’s ahead.”

Our faith has been rear-ended, certainty amended,
and something might be mended that we didn’t know was torn.

What we were is finished; we are accomplished, equipped from one journey for the journey to come.

And we are fire, bright, burning fire,
turning from the higher places from which we fell,
emptying ourselves into the hell in which we’ll find
our loving and beloved brother,
mother, sister, father, friend.

We do not retreat to the enclaves of ivory towers or the predictability of our parish, but we take this journey and whatever has emerged, our faith or lack thereof, forward to the world all around us and always ahead of us.

And so friends, the task has ended.
Go in pieces
to see and feel your world.

(Go In Pieces by Padraig O’Tuama)

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  1. Mahq March 29, 2013

    Looking back on this Lenten season, what is finished? What is accomplished?

    Atheism For Lent, thank God! Most of it, anyway. I did not answer all of the questions due to lack of comprehension at times, as well as lack of time. Hopefully, too, my need to appear intelligent and feeling inferior to other, seemingly smarter, people.

    Looking ahead from this Lenten season, what is still to come? What is the world all around and always ahead of you? And how will you live within it?

    Getting my head around some of the ideas I’ve discovered through AfL and what they mean to me, e.g. psychology and belief. I need to finish my short story with Freud talking to Jesus.

    “What is the world all around and always ahead of you? And how will you live within it?” Ask me next Lent.

  2. Mahq March 29, 2013

    Who deleted my last comment?

  3. Mahq March 29, 2013

    Oh, it’s OK, it’s back now.

  4. Ronald W Alliston April 1, 2013

    I’d love to stay in tough with everyone still, do we have the twitees? Mine is

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  8. Mark Bowen March 2, 2017

    This is 200 percent bullshit. I’ve seen God do things that no mystery or cloud of unknowing could. He is, and he is willing to be found.

    Instead of trying to validate man’s uncertainty, let’s challenge God to show up in our real and meaty world- and he will, and has, and is doing just that.

  9. Mark Bowen March 2, 2017

    After meditating on this for a bit, I’ve realized something:

    What is being taught here is nothing new.

    It is not unique, or special, or in any way an addition to thought.

    This is humanism, repackaged. It marginalizes God as an expression of human needs, and then burns that straw man and acts like it did anything significant. (You can give up a humanist’s God for Lent, but it is impossible to give up the true God no matter how hard you try.)

    This isn’t much that’s interesting here- humanism failed us, which is why we searched and found Christ. Why regress?

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