Conscious Belief

Conscious belief always contains an unconscious excess that does one of two things. Either it 1) sustains the conscious belief by disavowing the “underside” of that injunction or 2) instructs the believer to transgress the conscious belief.

Žižek argues that Christianity is the perfect example of “perverse” belief, which is characterized by multiple strategies to disavow what we suspect is true while maintaining fidelity to a cause.  The death of God means that the only remnant of God left – the Holy Spirit – is the radical, egalitarian community bound by love that embraces material existence and pursues liberation.

The Christian must decide whether to leave the mysteries of the faith in a state of paradoxical limbo or follow the antagonisms to their unsettling conclusions.

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  1. Abigail March 20, 2013

    I agree that conscious and unconscious beliefs are often at odds with each other. I define “beliefs” in this context, though, as “expectations about the world, oneself, or others,” not necessarily limited to religious creeds. When I work with dreams, I’m on the lookout for unconscious beliefs that may be conflicting with conscious ones, so that my client and I can bring these issues to light and resolve them. For example, consciously, one may have a good self-esteem, while unconsciously, somewhere along the way one was programmed to operate from self-loathing. Dreams can reveal that; and dream work can adjust it.
    For me, I’m not too concerned whether someone believes in a Trinitarian deity, or a pantheistic deit,y or no deity; a virgin birth sometime way in the past; or a prophet who got a scroll from an angel. I’m more concerned about how someone’s beliefs affect their ability to function in the world in a healthy way.
    I’m not opposed to paradox; I think the human condition, indeed the nature of the universe, is full of paradox. I kind of like it, and find paradox to be a source of excitement and mystery. I write about this in my blog. Not to be confused with congnitive dissonance, though.

    I think that sort of answered the first question in an indirect way…. ? :)

    As for the second question, I see no need to define a Holy Spirit, unless one were committed to staying under a Christian label. If that’s the way Zizek wants to define the term, then I suppose he could find “the Holy Spirit” in a knitting group, a book club, La Leche League, Americorps, even a professional work team that have formed tight emotional attachments, etc… If someone wants to call that commeraderie “the Holy Spirit,” fine. We already have other, less loaded, labels for such phenomena, though.

    Sorry kind of terse here. Typing from my phone.

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